I interpret for you in the following languages:

From German into French and from French into German. I also work from English and soon from Portuguese into German. For other language combinations, I will be happy to recommend reliable and highly experienced colleagues.

What is the advantage of an interpretation?

Interpreting is the oral transfer of a spoken text from a source language into a target language. Interpreters convey what is said along with the intention and the feelings behind it – as idiomatically as possible, naturally and tailored to the respective audience. The aim of interpreting is to enable all participants to say what they want to say and to ensure that the listeners understand the message as it is intended.

The advantage for you – you can completely ignore any concerns regarding multilingual communication. The focus in on the content of your event, not the language skills of the participants. With your help, interpreters acquire expert knowledge in your field and ensure that the event runs smoothly.

In conference interpreting, a distinction is made between simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, liaison interpreting and whisper interpreting (chuchotage).